Xerolithia, Bridges, Towers & Castles

No need to be a scientist or artist to discover all these, out of the fairy tales, pieces of art scattered around the island. Just follow Andros Routes and during your hikes you’ll come across the evolution of local architecture across the centuries. Inspiration comes next!

"Xerolithia" is the 'Drywall' technique where stones lock one another and no binding material is used during the construction of walls, bridges, etc.
Similar techniques are common all over the world.

Different techniques lead to a single effect, like the exquisite stone buildings of Andros towers and castles, a few speciments of which are listed here.

The Tower of Bisti (Mouvelas)** in Stenies, Andros, is one of the island's most distinctive and recognizable symbols. It was built to house and protect one of the most prominent manor families and its productive activities. Abandoned in the long run is in danger of collapsing.

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The Lower Castle of Andros in Andros Town, used to be one of the most important castles in the Aegean built by the Venetians. Today, it is ruined, although it remains one of the touristic attractions of the island.


Castle of Faneromeni was the largest medieval city-fortress of Andros. It is built on a plateau with very good natural fortification. Generally, it is considered a Venetian fortification, although it is possible that a settlement existed there since the Byzantine period.


The Tower of Agios Petros, an ancient tower that was in use until the end of the Byzantine period. Most probably it was built during the Hellenistic period, although there are elements that resemble Mycenaean or Minoan constructions.


Arched stone bridges, monuments of folk architecture, are in complete harmony with the natural landscape. Greece is full of such bridges, both in the islands and the mainland. Worth visiting are the following bridges:
• Vourkoti & Achla river bridges (Andros Route No 6)
• Stihiomeni in Mesaria & Livadia bridges (Andros Route No 17)
• Lower Castle in Andros town
• Aidonia bridge (Andros Route No 4)
• Epaminondas bridge (Arni village) Andros Route No 12
• Episkopio (Bridge of Love)
• Dipotamata (Andros Route No 3)


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