Andros Town day trip – Menites, Apoikia, Pythara

Running waters, lush greenery, waterfalls, Andros is an island full of surprises. One day trip to Andros Town, may include visiting Menites village with fresh water springs, Pythara waterfalls with a short walk in shadows, swimming in Gualia, Piso Gualia or Nimporio beach, playing with the ducks at the river in Paraporti beach and a […]

Aneroussa beach / Παραλία Δελαβόγια – Ανερούσα

Beautiful small bay, close to Batsi, with nice beach bar. It is a nice area to swim, across the beach towards Ag. Marina closeby bay and tavern. Kids really enjoy the rocks. Όμορφος μικρός κόλπος πολύ κοντά στο Μπατσί, με αξιόλογο beach bar. Μπορείτε να κολυμπήσετε σε όλο το μήκος της παραλίες έως τη γειτονική […]

Fresh lemon juice for our guests

The unique taste & therapeutic properties of aromatic Greek lemons, create a delicious & refreshing lemonade, served with sparkling water, mint and ice. We prepared many bottles for our guests. Would you like to try as well? Greek style lemonade recipe is super easy and refreshing in summer. Kids love it as well. There it […]

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