Andros Routes No 9 & 9a


A journey with a lot of myth and history, quite difficult when it is hot due to the location of the old capital of the island and with few fountains for water supply. In the village there is an archaeological museum, an archaelogical site of excavations and a beach, usually deserted. Do not miss the island’s finest sunsets and if you have time, approach neighbouring small bays. On top of the village, the mountainous part heading from Aprovatou village to Palaiopolis, is called ‘Ntrassa’ and offers magnificent views, shadows, ideal pic nic stops and natural fountains like ‘Turk’s’ spring. We also had to climb a bit to get a panoramic shot of this beach at the right side of the village, which was the capital of the island during ancestry for over 1000 years. The excavations taking place here revealed much about the history of the islanders.
Tip – The old coffee shop on the street serves splendid sweets (ask for ‘lemon blossom’) and the Archaeological Museum
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