Andros Route No 6


This is the hike to remember, with all our children, a dozen kids from 5 years old. We covered the nicest part on the edge of the Achla River, inside the largest plantain of the Cyclades, diving and swimming in river springs ‘vathres’. The route is quite difficult and unmarked, with many big rocks and requires mostly climbing than walking. We reached the stunning lake’Gerolimni’, dipped from high rocks and swam in the icy waters. Achla is an important biotope with impressive plane trees just a breath away from the sea.


Day hike at the lower part of Andros Route No 6, down to the beach of Achla. This part of the route is the easiest, but not in the shadows. The beach is rated among the best of Greece and the kids had the chance to swim both in the river and the sea. After swimming, we walked into the woods and met with swans!
Tip – Must be quite fit to manage this footpath and be careful with insects close to the river. You will get amazing shots and the best swimming ever. The kids get mad with the rocks!
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