Andros Route No 4


Maybe the most spectacular and emotional moments of our trekking tours, through the beautiful stone-built villages of Aidonia and Mousiona, the settlement of Petria and without a doubt, the most hospitable inhabitants of the island. The path is quite easy and is combined with the circular of Tromarchion Monastery with the impressive views of the Aegean Sea and the dry stone walls all over the slopes. The treats were rich all the way (we still remember Mr. Antonis’ tomatoes and the local tsipouro at Mrs Anna’s house) and we promised a winter ride to try this year’s production. The crops in the surrounding mountains betray the rural character of the area, all seasons. It is impressive the initiative of the local Cultural Associations for the renovation of community infrastructures (springs, bridges).
Tip – Considering time constraint, let the kids climb the rocky upper castle and visit the old coffee shop of Kochilos village to get refreshments.
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