Andros Route No 3


Having several kids with us, we chose to make the route shorter, starting after the village of Sineti, at the entrance to the valley of ‘Dipotamata’ with many watermills, however only a few being in good condition. The tour was taken over by Trekking Andros Tours, which, apart from historical data, taught us to eat various flowers (eg morning glory), to collect myristics and herbs. George, representative of the LIFE Andros program, joined our team, spoke about the endangered species – birds, that find shelter on our island and gave binoculars to the children to observe them. The route has enough ascent and limited vegetation, but most of us managed to get to ‘Faneromeni Castle’ with the panoramic views of Aegean sea and Ormos Korthi. Descending was easier and ended up with swimming at the famous beach ‘Grias Pidima’.
Tip – Considering time constraint, let the kids climb the rocky upper castle and visit the old coffee shop of Kochilos village to get refreshments.
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