Andros Route No 14


Another footpath that takes your breath away due to rare nature sights. Landscapes not distinguishable from the main streets, ruins still telling stories, towers (old mansions) and, of course, the watermills of Frouseoi Valley. Approximately 6.5 km of hiking in unique vegetation and running waters, next to the river for half the route. During the walk we did some clearing as well. We also had the chance to meet with new people from different countries that voluntarily follow Andros Routes often. No 14 is a medium to difficult level path but an 11 year old boy managed to become an expert guide for quite a distance.
Tip – Begin the route at Amolohos village and have a shower at the river springs. After this route, it is worth visiting the beach of Zorgos, an island top destination. Close to the beach begins the Path No 20 with the caves – ‘Trypes’ that we will see this year!
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