Andros Route No 12


A dreamy footpath, starting from the mountainous Arni (my grandfather’s village), in dense vegetation all the way to Remata and then more exposed to the sun up to Lefka beach. Trekking Andros Tours was also here with us for historical information like the separate detached chapels, matching the Orthodox and Catholic Christian church. However, we will not forget the abandoned houses of the farmers, the arrangement of the farmhouses (main rooms, stable, threshing floor), especially the one that, thanks to the surviving roof of cypress trunks, was preserved inside as the owner left it (see photograph). At the end, we were exhausted and swimming in Lefka beach was not enough, so we also reached for a second dive the beaches of Ateni (small and large one).
Tip – Get a professional guide for this one, not to miss anything!! like Trekking Andros that will show you the Energy Tree!, open the old chapels and teach you about dry stone wall building.
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