Andros Route No 1 & 17


This one is a long route from Chora, through the picturesque villages of Lamyra, Menites and Mesaria, the tower (mansion) of Theofilos Kairis, the ‘Bridge of Stihiomeni (haunted woman)’ and then up the mountain to the Monastery. There are difficult parts, such as the uphill step track towards the Panachrados monastery, while apart from summer months, part of the route has passages with waters. There are many shades to relax before the village of Messaria and ‘Karydies Springs’ in Menites village for the supply of drinking water. Then, travel along path No 17, through the valley of Livadia, leading to Paraporti beach. In Livadia you will find the most fertile fields with fruit trees and clusters of towering cypress trees – hedges of farmhouses and mansions, as well as beautiful horses.
Tip – A bit before the arched bridge, lie under the trees into the dry river springs during summer and have a rest. End your hike in Chora and taste local pastries (‘pastes’) in Lygizos, Laskaris or Ermis shops.
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