Island Traditions & Festivals


Andros International Yacht Race

In 1957, the Yacht Club of Andros was founded, created out of an initiative by the youth of the island. The concept evolved in 1955, two years before the club’s foundation, when the youth whose heritage and traditions had their roots in the sea, called for the creation of a sailing club where they could meet and share their love of water sports. Today, the Club has become the hub and central point for water sports in Andros. Hundreds of children learn to sail here and many have gone on to excel in top positions at national and European events.

Check at for the annual programme, during summer.

Andros on Foot Festival

During October, the Andros on Foot Festival is a celebration through an exploration of the exceptional beauty of Andros on foot. It is a unique event that brings together the people of Andros with walkers from the rest of Greece and abroad to experience a mixture of walking and local culture. Local cultural associations in villages across the island are preparing a range of enjoyable activities along the network of hiking routes.

The main organizer of the Andros on Foot Festival is the volunteer team of Andros Routes, who since 2009 have been restoring, waymarking and maintaining the island’s paths. See more at for every year’s programme.

Essential co-organizers of the Andros on Foot Festival are the members of the various Cultural Associations and the residents of the Andros villages where the Festival will take us.

Andros Trail Race

By organizing this event, our island invites the whole sports community, running enthusiasts and especially mountain-runners, adventure and nature seekers to experience the hidden beauties of Andros, “challenging” their limits!

The selection of routes was based on the natural beauty of the island and hiking trails, the importance of the points of interest and technical challenges, similar to major mountain running race events. The athletes will be rewarded for their effort, running through nature’s and man’s amazing “creations” such as old tracks, cobbled old streets, Venetian pathways and certified hiking trails, high mountains, ravines and streams, small oak forests, fountains, water mills, stone bridges, traditional villages, Monasteries and medieval castles. 

It takes place every year, during late September. Check at for the programme and remember, you do not have to be an athlete, walking is also a possibility!!

Arni village Festival

On the 6th of August, Arni village celebrates with a wonderful festival, that gathers people from the whole island, locals and guests. It lasts up to early morning and if you manage to stay, you’ll taste delicious soup before dawn. During the night people sing and dance, try local food and it is amazing, how many young people choose to come here. Do not miss!!

γιορτη λεμονιου 2

Lemon Festival

Local people that remember the celebration of lemon during the old times due to the impressive production in Andros, tried and achieved to revive this tradition. During the last 2 years, lemon was celebrated with passion by all local businesses, like restaurants and hotels, with amazing lemon treats offered to all island visitors. The annual date is set during Holy Spirit celebration, early summer (May/June), which is a National holiday too.

We also offer fresh lemonade and lemon treats to our guests.

Monastery Tromarchianis

On Easter Monday is a must to visit this festival, with wonderful music, dance and local treats, at this unique Monastery. The surrounding area is part of a hiking trail with stunning views.

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