Being an international meeting point of Greek and foreign artists, Andros island still pertains its rich cultural tradition, offering to the public the opportunity to visit its exceptional museums with important modern art exhibitions organized each summer. Given that the island claims rich archaeological and Byzantine discoveries and excavations are carried out in several places (Ancient Zagora, Ancient Paleopoli, Strofila), worth visiting through Andros Routes.
Local gastronomy and both religious and cultural festivals, are significant part of our civilization.

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The Archaeological Museum of Andros was built in 1981, it has a projection room, while from time to time there are exhibitions of modern art at the atrium, in co-operation with the Museum of Modern Art of Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation

The Archaeological Museum of Palaeopolis is dedicated to the antiquities of Palaeopolis, which was for 12 centuries the capital of the island. The museum contains collections of sculptures, statues, coins and inscriptions found in the excavations of ancient Palaeopolis.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, was inaugurated in 1979 and the the exhibits got enriched by part of the personal collection of its founders, consisting of more than 300 works of distinguished Greek and foreign artists. The increasing attendance and interest on behalf of the public led to the expansion of the museum. The architectural integration of the building with its surroundings received a distinction in an international competition. The works of significant modern artists, which are exhibited since 1986 until nowadays, are a benchmark in the cultural scene, introducing both the museum and Andros in the Greek cultural map.

A high standard museum/ Μουσείο Ευρωπαϊκού επιπέδου
Museum is a must seen place while visiting this Greek Aegean island. Every summer presents exhibitions of great artists European and Greek. Picasso, Dali, Toulouse Lautrec and may others were been presented in this modern museum.

Michalis, Greece

A perhaps surprising oasis of cultural excellence on a small, mainly rural, Greek island.
A boldly varied cultural oasis (along with several others in Andros Town) which usually offers two exhibitions a year.
Over the years it has put on world class shows (Rodin, Miro, Henry Moore, Picasso etc etc) and continues to do the best it can in difficult financial times.
The permanent exhibition is interesting and includes fine examples of the work of Tombros (who has Andros heritage).
The Winter show (usually from the Museum's own collection) is usually interesting and well thought out. The Summer exhibition is often stunning.
Like another contributor, I was not a fan of modern art, but Andros's M.O.C.A. has opened my mind, for which I will be for ever grateful.

John, Greece

The Maritime Museum was founded in 1972 and the most important of its exhibits are the old freight contracts, insurance contracts, various nautical diaries, where the life of the Andriots on the seas before the 1821 War of Independence is described, lithographs of Andriot ships and the later first stream freighters of Greece etc.

Kydonieos Foundation was founded in 1994 and its main objective is the promotion of cultural events and exhibitions in Andros.

Olive Museum - One of the best preserved old olive mills in Cyclades is the animal-powered olive mill of Dimitris Chelmis at Ano Pitrofos. The building dates back earlier than 1823 and was restored according to the traditional architecture. This olive mill retains its original equipment and in 1997 was transformed into a museum, where visitors can get a view to the traditional oil production method in Cyclades.
For more information and visiting hours click here.

Superb....... A 'must' to visit in Andros!!
This Cyclades Olive Museum was lovingly restored by its present owner Dimitris. The knowledge and passion of this man brings to life an ancient and very important tradition of producing olive oil on this beautiful island.
We were greeted by Dimitris and enthralled by the explanation of all the stages of the oil production process that dates back more than 400 years. In addition, it was brought to life through a video of the entire process.
Knowing the different stages to produce olive oil and the different qualities means in future we shall be able to determine exactly what we want. We shall be able to read between the lines of jargon on Olive Oil bottles!
It is well signposted off the main road all the way up to the museum. A charge isn't made on entry, a donation is at your own discretion. We would certainly recommend you visit this fascinating place and Dimitris telling the history of making Olive Oil in Andros!!

Carole, UK

The Folklore and Christian Art Museum is an old ice factory, and was restored and transformed into a folklore museum.

The Digital Museum projects digital content relevant to the island’s history, divided into five periods (pre-geometric, geometric, Classic, Hellenistic, Modern).

Festivals and Cinemas

It is very important to mention the recently founded International Festival of Andros, an ultramodern theater in the heart of Andros town, inspired to host plenty of magnificent spectacles, such as ancient drama performances and concerts in July and August. The new open stage, offers panoramic views to the south part of the island and is able to host up to 900 people.
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Tip - In Andros Town operates an open cinema during summer months and a very beautiful cinema during the rest of the year. Do not miss a cinefil movie and the local treats served! For more information click here//

Local Cuisine on Andros

Our island offers excellent local meats, vegetables and cheeses, sausages and fabulous spoon sweets, sour cherry juice, pastries, pies and almond cookies (Patisserie ‘Zairis’ at Messaria that makes delicious ice cream as well, Pastry Shop ‘Laskaris’ and ‘Lygizos’ in Chora for fresh pastries and 'amygdalota'). At Gavrio, on the harbour road, you will find local producers and it is worth buying watermelons, melons and vegetables (pumpkins, eggplants, figs) from the villages of western Andros. Local honey and capers are among the top local products to take home.

In Villa Arni we welcome you with handmade marmelades and spoon sweets.

Supers studios tenue par Nana !!! Qui nous a accueilli avec de super confitures maison, super emplacement proche du centre et en même temps au calme !!! Je recommande cet établissement qui est un havre de paix !!!

Marion, France

Tip - Do not miss the 'fourtalia' omelette with pork sausages and to digest, ask for SARIZA local soda which is great!!

Monasteries and chapels on Andros

Andros is an island with rich religious tradition and well known monasteries that attract many visitors from abroad. Follow the routes anb you will come across numerous amazing chapels of diverse architecture. Briefly:

Monastery of Panagias Panachrantou
The monastery of 'Panagias Panachrantou' is believed to have been built by Nicephorus Phocas in 961 AD and in the monastery you can find the miraculous picture of Panagia made from Evaggelistis Loukas.
There is a celebration at the monastery on July 27th and August 15th.

Holy Monastery of Zoodoxos Pighi
The holy monastery of Zoodoxos Pighi or Aghia as it is called in Andros is above the village of Batsi and it is still uknown the date of construction. It is the largest monastery of the island and you can find icons since 14th and 16th century. You can also see a very large library with precious books and documents.
There is a celebration at the Monastery the First Friday after the Sunday of Orthodox Easter.

Holy Monastery of Ag. Marina
The holy monastery of Ag. Marina is located in the village of Apoikia and is the most famous monastery in Andros. The eventful story of the Monastery and the miraculous picture of Ag. Marina makes it very popular for believers and tourists. It was founded in 1325 AD.

Holy Monastery of Ag. Nicholas
The holy monastery of Ag. Nicholas is right after Apoikia village. Built in the 16th century the monastery houses the icon of Panagia Blachernai.
There is a celebration at the Monastery on May 9th, December 6th and July 20th.

Holy Monastery of Agia Irini
Τhis 1780 ac monastery was renovated by Mr Polemis and what emerged is a unique monument of religious tourism. The renovator was also interested in the housing of cultural elements (chambers with photos and rocks, musical instruments and well preserved writing tools).

Panahrantos - A beautiful & respectful monastery
A must see on the island with very special architecture and excellent position. It may be visited easily by car and there is also access via mountain paths. A calm and soothing for the sense place with very kind, respectful and respected priests. Wonderful views of the mountainside and the main town, excellent for some nice photos. Kindly ensure dresscode is appropriate although it must be noted the priests are very tolerant and kind

Iraklis, Greece

Cave Foros


Cave Foros is an impressive spectacle composed of stalactites, stalagmites, helictites, hanging rocks, colorful limestone and gour formations. The name “foros” has two references as to its origin. The first is from the Italian word “foros”, which means “opening”. The second comes form the superstition of the locals, that when animals fell in the cave and disappeared, they were paying a form of tax to appease the evil spirits.
Temperature inside the cave is 16-17°C throughout the year, with 75% humidity. Aladinos village lies 120 meters at the foot of Mount Gerakona, with temperatures reaching 4-17°C and 23-37°C at winter and summer time respectively.
For more information and visiting hours, click here.

Great experience
The visiting area may be smaller than other caves but you will experience it like a speleologist. Minimum light with a provided flashlight and helmet.
Extra credit for the speleologist who does the tour. She is very friendly and even though I kept bothering her to take some photos (no flash of course) she was the one apologizing!!! Lol.
Don't miss it.

Panayiotis, Greece