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‘Tis Grias To Pidima’ Beach

So unique beach with a steep rock in the middle. The path that leads you to the beach it’s really safe, but don’t forget to put your sneakers on! Be careful of the sandy road, just drive slow and everything will be alright. And after all, you will experience something magical. T

he name (the old lady’s jump) is based on a local myth about an old lady that gave away her villagers to the pirates.

Afterwards, try the fish taverns at Korthi bay area.



Achla Beach

A wonderful beach, away from any kind of civilisation, with a wonderful biotope and crystal clear waters. You may visit this beach, either by boat from the capital when it is not windy, by off road car or by hiking through Andros Route No 6.



Apothikes Beach & Bar

Unique environment, green waters and nice beach bar with music. Part of the road is not asphalt, but not hard to drive. Worth visiting, although not during windy days.


Ateni Beaches & Bar

Unique environment, green waters and nice beach bar with music. Part of the road is not asphalt, but not hard to drive. Worth visiting, although not during windy days.


Chalkolimionas Beach & Bar

Golden sand beach with umbrellas and very comfortable sun beds offered free from cooper beach bar, if you just get a coffee or beer.
Nice music from the bar, if you choose to sit close to it, at a right relaxing volume (don’t expect any kind of crazy beach parties) and very dog friendly owner!

Only small part of the beach is covered by the bars umbrellas,rest is free for relaxing .


Fellos Beach

Sandy beach close to Gavrio Port, with large beach trees ‘almirikia’ for shadow and clear, not very deep waters. A small river ends up there and a another small beach next to Fellos, named ‘Kourtali’ is only 2′ by car, really nice but without shadow.


Koutsi Beach

Isolated beach, near Batsi and the village of Aprovatou. Relatively inaccessible, but the car gets close enough. After a short hike we reach a clear landscape with a few ruins near the water, and a relatively easy access from the sea.

Let’s keep this a secret!


Lefka Beach

An untouched beach and the homonymous wetland, like many others on Andros, that may be reached by car up to a certain spot, through the way driving to Ateni beaches, or on foor, for hiking livers, through Andros Route No 13, through a route of agricultural scenery from the hinterlands to the northeast coastline, parallel to Arni river. Successive streams, farm cottages, impressive rock formations, during the whole route.

A well kept secret!


Pisolimnionas Beach

This is another of our favorite off the beaten track places for swimming. Still unvisited by even the locals, has been discovered only by a few foreigners, who chose to built here their houses in absolute remoteness. Definiltely care for an umbrella if you go during morning hours.


Pyrgos Beach

A little bit hard to locate this beach, but it offers the chance to be alone, in a pure cycladic scenery, with clear waters and absolute serenity. Also, visit Vlyhada beaches, just 5′ by car. Ask us for guidance, because it is easy to get lost there.


Vitali Beach & Bar – Restaurant

Amazing scenery, crystal clear waters, organized beach with sun beds, very kind staff and a very nice beach bar «KAMPOS» offering a variety of homemade alcohol-free cocktails!

At the edge of the beach there is a cave accessible only through the water and wonderful rocks for diving!


Vlyhada Beach

Right next to Pyrgos beach, it can be reached off road, but the navigator has it so this is not a  problem. The sea is fantastic and the sand is heavy so the wind doesn’t lift it. It is actually a double beach, you may be alone even in July midweek and feel like in heaven. The water is not shallow and there is not shadow at the beach, just a rock in the middle.


Vori beach

Definitely, off the beaten track. A place not to miss! However you need off road car, at least it is recommended. A river crosses the beach and an old ship wreck can be reached by sea. The water is amazing.

This is a great option when you visit Remata & Arni village


Zorgos Beach & Restaurant

This is one of the best beaches on the island. Clear waters, beautiful beach, friendly beach bar with great drinks, coffees etc. It has small pebbles and it gets deep pretty fast, but once you’re in, you will definitely enjoy it.

The restaurant has quality food.

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